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Frequently asked questions
Here are some frequently asked questions we get asked by past customers and members of the public.

Q: Can all carpet stains be removed?
A: Most stains can be removed but some stains are set for good. This is due to dyes, bleach and some acids. A typical example is bleach stains; they will change the colour of the fibre because bleach includes Hydrogen Peroxide and that will change the chemical structure of fibres. If someone says they can remove all types of stains, then that person is lying to you.

Q: How long will it take to clean and dry my carpets?
A: This all depends on a few factors:
⦁ The size of your carpet
⦁ The thickness of the carpet
⦁ How many carpets in your house you want cleaned?
⦁ How dirty your carpet is
If a carpet is very dirty we will have to use more carpet cleaning solution and water. By using more water it will take more time to dry with our drying machine. Most carpet jobs can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Floods can take longer due to the carpet being soaked with water right through.

Q: I have a condition like asthma. Will your carpet cleaning solutions effect my asthma?
A: Our cleaning solutions treat the carpet just like shampoo treats your hair. After we treat your carpet we rinse the carpet with our powerful carpet machine, sucking up all the carpet cleaning solution and the dirt, leaving your carpet looking fresh and clean. They should not be a problem after we treat your carpet. However, you might want to consider staying away from the room of the carpet we are treating until that carpet is done.

Q: Who are your customers?
A: Some of our past customers have been:
⦁ House holders
⦁ Pubs and hotels
⦁ Schools
⦁ Nursing homes
⦁ Caravan sites
⦁ Shops
⦁ Officers
⦁ Warehouses

Q: When SCC is cleaning my carpet, I suddenly smell this awful smell that smells like a very smelly damp dog. Is my carpet really that smelly and bad?
A: No, your carpet is fine. What you are smelling is the odour of a wool carpet. When wool gets wet, it releases a temporary natural odour that smells a little unpleasant. But the smell will only last a short time until the carpet is dried. All wool carpets release this smell when wet. When we have finished treating your carpet, your carpet will look fresh and clean and smell nice, as we sanitize and deodorize every carpet we treat.

Q: The last carpet cleaner I got (not SCC) made my cream carpet change to a yellow/brown colour, what has happened? Can it be fixed?
A: It’s called "browning" and happens when the carpet cleaner uses the wrong cleaning chemicals in their machine. When we treat your carpets/rugs and other cream furniture, we check to see what type of material it is and then use the right chemicals to treat it. Can browning be fixed? In some cases it can be; we have cleaning chemicals to treat minor browning, however it also depends on how bad the browning on the carpet has become.

Q: I got my carpets cleaned by another company and after a few days of having my carpets cleaned the carpets started to smell. Can this be fixed?
A: You get some new inexperienced carpet cleaners who will come and clean your carpets, then leave them wet and soaked right through without drying them out. The results will be that the damp will start to release an odour that smells rotten and sometimes unbearable. If this has happened, you can call SCC and we can fix this problem. However, the smell will naturally go away after a few weeks depending on how damp your carpets were left. When we treat your carpets, rugs, sofa and mattresses, we will force dry them so this problem won’t occur.

Q: Were about in Teesside do you cover?
A: We do all of the Teesside area and sometimes on the outskirts of Teesside. The most common areas we do, are in no order:
and many more areas in and around Teeside...

If your not sure that we cover your area then please contact us.