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Pictures of our Equipment
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Pictures of our Equipment
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Pictures of our Equipment

Our carpet cleaning equipment
Whether you want your mattress cleaning or a rug to be dirt-free, we boast a superb range of equipment to ensure your cleaning project is carried out to the highest of standards.
We have everything you could possibly need when treating your carpets, rugs, mattresses and sofas. Here is some of the popular equipment we use on most of our jobs:

⦁ Enforcer carpet and upholstery cleaner - this is a beast of a carpet and upholstery machine, this is what we use in most of our jobs

⦁ Extractors - we have more than one of these machines; these are our backup machines and we take them on smaller jobs

⦁ Numatic - this machine is used as another backup; we sometimes use it for smaller jobs

⦁ Bed bug zapper - kills bed bugs

⦁ Extractor electric scrubbers - this machine scrubs the carpet and loosens very bad dirt patches that our other carpet machines can suck up

⦁ Electric agitators - similar to the extractor electric scrubber, but used more

⦁ Hoses - we have different hoses for reaching different rooms so we don't always have to drag the machine around

⦁ Wands - we have different sized wands to do different types of jobs

⦁ Flood pump - used to pump flooded water from rooms. We can also do this using our carpet machines

⦁ Brushes - Different types of brushes for different types of carpets and upholstery cleaning, for when machines can’t be used
We also have a range of different types of cleaning fluids and powders to treat different types of carpets and stains:

⦁ Dry pods - we have lots of these in our inventory. We use these to dry everything, from your carpets to your rugs and sofas

⦁ Snail dryers - the ones we have, we use them mostly for bigger jobs and long corridors

⦁ Ring dryers - we use them for drying your stairs and sofas. Good for holding and pointing at wet patches

⦁ Triano fan - A great fan for stairs and corridors

⦁ From the latest carpet cleaners to upholstery cleaners for your three piece suite, feel free to contact us today for more information. Discount Carpet Cleaner covers all areas across Teesside, from Middlesbrough to Stockton-on-Tees. 
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